So what's the story? Well, it's a long one, Sophie and Fleur have been friends for decades now having met in the Surf Industry back in the day, they both pursued jobs in other brands, states and at times other countries but maintained not only their friendship, but their love of the beach and outdoors. 

Both busy mums of two boys they have lived their lives under the sun, with most of their weekends spent outside feeding their tribes out of a cooler. Both lovers of beautiful things, and both well invested in their beach swagger, whenever they were together, most likely at the beach they often complained of the lack of cool stuff that could let you turn up and look good without bringing the whole kitchen. Why couldn't it be pretty whilst being actually useful and easy to stack in their overflowing cooler. 

Then one day they pondered as to why there was no keep cup for food? Being believers in leaving only footsteps, the possibility of reducing waste and bringing the 'keep cup' mentality to food in a cool new way started to make a lot of sense. 

They fell in love with silicone as a fabrication while the boys were young, loving how much better, and prettier it was than an overflowing drawer full of containers, but found that there was no adult version for them.
So, as they packed that cooler for the millionth time, they decided to have a go themselves. As big travellers over the years the American way of saying takeaway as in "Can I get that to-go" stuck and well, being the sun seekers they are, the name Togo Sun (now pronounced 'Toe -go”) just evolved from there. 

Togo Sun is the products they were missing every day, night, and weekend for their life under the sun.